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Vol. 11, No. 12 June 30, 2015

Court Saves Subsidies, Nation Moves Forward...Finally!

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Finally, with the King vs, Burwell decision, the Supreme Court settled the issue and permitted the use of subsidies in federally facilitated marketplaces like the one in Wisconsin. In this Update, we look at the historic ruling, one that may be the last big challenge to the Affordable Care Act. We also take a quick peek at a few other notable Supreme Court rulings that impact health care and coverage. But before you read, take a few minutes to JOIN or RENEW your MEMBERSHIP!! While you can join HealthWatch at any time, today is the last day to join as an individual member and be entered in our first Green Bay Packers Ticket Prize Drawing of the membership year! In fact, we'll put your name in the hat TWICE if you join or renew by the end of the day on June 30! Your chances of winning are high! Also in this edition of the newsletter, we look at a new uncompensated care study, the HIRSP audit report, and tackle a FoodShare question in our CYSHCN Q & A. Also, hear from new HealthWatch Membership Coordinator Matt Keller on how membership renewal is going so far this year! Finally, we share the latest news and Provider Memos, Ops Memos and the top articles from the past two weeks. Happy reading!

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  • Last Chance to Win: Promo Ends TODAY!
  • Supreme Court Saves Susidies
  • Other Notable Court Opinion Impacts Coverage
  • Court Ruling in Texas Case
  • Uncompensated Care Study
  • HIRSP Audit Report
  • Rural Health
  • MA Expansion: A Look at Louisiana
  • Coalition Corner: Information and Resources from Local HW Coalitions
  • Ask a Good Question...FoodShare Question
  • Et Cetera: New Handbook links, Ops Memos & Updates
  • Headlines, and much more!

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Subsidies or No Subsidies...

On June 26, in a highly anticipated opinion, the US Supreme Court issued its ruling in the King v. Burwell case. The opinion ended the speculation about whether states with Federally Facilitated Marketplaces could legally offer subsidies to consumers. In a 6-3 opinion, with Chief Justice Roberts drafting the opinion, the court affirmed the Fourth Circuit opinion, saying subsidies applied to all Marketplaces. The decision meant that individuals who secured health insurance through a federally facilitated Marketplace, such as in Wisconsin, can continue to keep or apply for tax subsidies.

What's Next?
"Time to move forward, finally!" says ABC for Health’s Bobby Peterson. "Justice Roberts showed leadership on this issue. We can now move forward, to connect people to the right coverage with this potential calamity behind us. It was a well-reasoned opinion. It would have been terrible for the court to turn this decision, and eliminate subsidies for millions across the United States. It would have been hard for them to defend." 

Watch HealthWatch's WatchDog policy show for more comments on the King v. Burwell opinion. In an episode called "Moving Forward...Finally," Bobby Peterson and Brynne McBride recap the opinion highlights and talk about moving forward for Wisconsin's consumers. (Login to keep reading!)

Rural Health News

While the financial strain rural hospitals face is nothing new, the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) says that the current state is worse than ever. NRHA’s government affairs and policy vice president, Maggie Elehwany, says, "We are in crisis mode. We’ve got gale-force winds coming from one direction, the tide coming from another and it’s really hitting these small hospitals who operate at tiny margins." From 2010 through 2014, 47 rural hospitals have closed their doors. One of them being a 25 bed hospital in Wisconsin. Most of the closings were in recent years, according to the North Carolina Rural Health Research Program. These closings affect approximately 800,000 people. Many of these communities now have no resident physician, requiring residents to travel an average of 25 miles to receive health services. In addition, the hospital closures largely impact the local economy, being that they’re the main job provider for the areas. (Login to keep reading!)

Join the ABC for Health Team!

ABC for Health, Inc., is currently seeking applicants for two open positions. Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to the attention of Brynne McBride, COO of ABC for Health, Inc. at bmcbride@safetyweb.org. In addition, please include the names/contact information for two professional references.

Health Advocate Assistant: A Health Advocate Assistant (HAA) at ABC for Health is an entry level position that provides information and referrals and conducts health benefits screening interviews. The position requires at least a 1-year commitment. The HAA supports Health Benefits Advocates, Counselors and attorneys, and assists with all client services activities. The HAA will provide advocacy services to clients seeking to obtain or maintain health care coverage and/or finance health care services. The HAA facilitates client services activities that help families obtain and maintain health care financing through public and private sources of benefits. The HAA works with attorneys, Health Benefits Counselors, Health Benefits Advocates, students and volunteers on client services, materials development, and training. The HAA reports to ABC for Health’s senior advocacy staff. Some travel is required. The ability to speak Spanish is preferred. The position is located in Madison Wisconsin.

Health Benefits Advocate: A Health Benefits Advocate (HBA) at ABC for Health provides information and referral and advocacy services to clients seeking to obtain or maintain health care coverage and or finance health care services. The HBA shall help patients referred from certain medical providers secure and use public and or private health care coverage benefits. The HBA will assess the need for legal services in consultation with attorneys and other Health Benefits Advocates and Counselors, and assist with case-related tasks. Some travel is required. The position requires at least a 1-year commitment. The position is located in Madison Wisconsin.

All postings and full position descriptions for open positions are on our employment page: http://safetyweb.org/employment.html. ABC for Health, Inc. is an affirmative action employer.

Online Video Training: Back2Basics Series

One benefit of HealthWatch Wisconsin membership is access to a library of online on-demand training videos, including the Back2Basics series. A useful tool for both professionals and novices, the Back2Basics series provides clear descriptions of important health insurance programs, including:

Medicaid Purchase Plan (MAPP)
Medicare Part A
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Medicare Part C
Medicare Part D
Medicare Part D vs SeniorCare
Wisconsin Well Woman Medicaid Program
Well Woman Medicaid
Wisconsin Works (W-2)
What is BadgerCare Plus?
What is the Marketplace?
What is EBD Medicaid?
What is SSI?
What is SSDI?
What is Katie Beckett?

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Coalition Roundup

Help us complete our new listing of 2015 upcoming HealthWatch local coalition meetings! Email us! As always, contact the coalition directly for more information.

Coalition Next Meeting Contact
Chippewa County Sept. 8 Rose Marsh
Dane County July PICNIC Anna Kaminski
Eau Claire Sept. 3 Lou Kelsey
Milwaukee TBD Danielle Coterel
Pierce County TBD Kelsi Winter
Polk County TBD Mike Rust
Tri-County July 28 Connie Raether

Ops Memos

Ops Memo 15-19 Disability Determinations for the Include, Respect, I Self-Direct (IRIS) Program

Ops Memo 15-21 Spousal Impoverishment Income Allowance FPL Adjustment

Ops Memo 15-22 New Way to Access Online Reports from CARES

Ops Memo 15-24 Online Education as an Approved Activity

Ops Memo 15-25 Employment Verification for Wisconsin Shares

Ops Memo 15-J7 National Directory of New Hire Match Required by the 2014 Farm Bill for FoodShare and New Worker Alert

Provider Memos

2015-23 Coverage Policy for Sleep Medicine Testing

2015-24 Information for Eligible Professionals Regarding Program Year 2015 of the Wisconsin Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program

2015-25 Information for Eligible Hospitals Regarding Program Year 2015 of the Wisconsin Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program

2015-26 Forward Health International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Open Testing Information

2015-27 July 2015 Preferred Drug List Review and Other Pharmacy Policy Changes


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