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The 10th Annual HealthWatch Wisconsin Conference

HealthWatch Wisconsin is pleased to announce the theme of our 10th Annual HealthWatch Wisconsin Conference: The Health Care Coverage Pendulum Swings.

We invite you to join fellow advocates and professionals on March 22 & 23, 2017 at our 10th Annual HealthWatch Wisconsin Conference. Whether you're a public health professional, advocate, navigator, counselor, or anyone who helps children gain access to health care coverage, you are welcome to attend.

Commentary--The ACA Impacts Everyone

On January 20, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. The first 100 days of his administration could bring dramatic change to health care and coverage across the nation.

In the weeks preceding the inauguration, we have clues – and a lot of rhetoric – on what is to come. Repeal of the Affordable Care Act was a campaign promise. The House and Senate have already voted on a repeal (something the House of Representatives did over 50 times in the Obama administration) in 2017, and the discussion now moves into committee. Senate Republicans promise a "replacement" plan, with models coming from people like House Speaker Paul Ryan, Health Secretary nominee Tom Price, but also the president elect himself in his statement "we will cover everyone." 

Share Your Story

As policymakers battle for the fate of the Affordable Care Act on Capitol Hill, individuals, families, and children find themselves caught in the crossfire. The Affordable Care Act has given over 20 million people access to health care coverage. Now high-risk pools and exclusion of coverage based on pre-existing conditions may return.

Has the ACA changed the life of you, your family, or friends? Do you have a story to tell? Let your voice be heard! Fill out an online form or print the PDF.

The ACA & the State of Uncompensated Care

The public debate about healthcare policy and insurance reform has historically tended to focus on affordability and access for consumers. Behind the scenes, though, policies that affect the affordability of health insurance set in motion a ripple effect that changes the health patterns of individuals and directly impacts the financial health of hospitals and clinic systems. When people have health insurance, they do a better job at taking care of their own health needs. Census results and independent studies show a steady decline in the number of Americans without insurance and the number of adults going without needed medical care since the start of the Affordable Care Act. The biggest change took place in states that expanded Medicaid coverage.

CMS Issues Rules for 2018 Marketplace Plans

With the fate of the Affordable Care Act in the hands of a hostile legislature, consumers and insurance companies alike face unprecedented uncertainty when it comes to planning for their futures in the individual health policy market. With no clear picture of when or how the Marketplace might change in the wake of "repeal and replace" efforts, insurance issuers need to do all they can to plan for any possible outcome. That includes finalizing 2018 plan design and premium rate proposals before May 3, 2017. With that deadline in mind, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a sweeping update of 2018 plan regulations just days before the start of the new year. While many of the new rules will only be of interest to insurance actuaries and financial officers, some may help improve plan offerings and availability to consumers.

BadgerCare Plus Enrollment Data & Marketplace Enrollment Snapshot

In December 2016, BadgerCare Plus enrollment increased for the first time since March 2016. The increase is solely attributed to an increase in Childless Adults - adults without dependent children - enrolling in BadgerCare Plus.

We had assumed Open Enrollment in Health Reform's Marketplace might create an increase in BadgerCare Plus enrollment, for a few reasons. There is a "no wrong door" policy that means someone applying for Marketplace coverage who is BadgerCare Plus eligible will have their application sent to the state for processing, and vice versa. In addition, marketing and outreach around Marketplace

Open Enrollment can help remind people of other coverage options and availability. Children were not included in the enrollment gains. In December, BadgerCare Plus continued to drop children from the program.

Still need Marketplace coverage? Watch our Walkthrough for more information!  


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