ABC in the News - 2011


Bobby Peterson on federal healthcare deadline (Here and Now, Wisconsin Public TV, 16 Dec. 2011)

Recall Walker: ALEC, Medicaid Cuts, and the 11/19 Rally (AnnieJo, Daily Kos, 22 Nov. 2011)

Rate hike for the holidays (Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal, 13 Nov. 2011)

Bobby Peterson weighs in on the dire straits for BC+ and health reform funds (In Our Backyward, WORT, 8 Nov. 2011)

Wisconsin Legislature Considers Medicaid Cuts Next Week (Shamane Mills, WPR, 4 Nov. 2011)

ABC for Health plan would expand BadgerCare while reducing Medicaid expenses (David Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal, 3 Nov. 2011)

Bill would change review process for health-insurance coverage denials (WTAQ, 19 Oct. 2011)

Wis. bill applies federal health-care law to state (Adam Wollner, Daily Cardinal, 19 Oct. 2011)

Senate OKs bill limiting voucher school expansion (Patrick Marley, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 18 Oct. 2011)

Effect of regulating Wisconsin health insurance rates uncertain (Guy Boulton, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8 Oct. 2011)

Bobby Peterson weighs in on proposed Medicaid, BadgerCare Plus changes (Wisconsin Public Television, 7 Oct. 2011)

Fraud fighter, Flags at half-staff, Here and Now preview (Adam Schrader, Wisconsin Public Television, 7 Oct. 2011)

Bobby Peterson on WORT's "Labor Radio" (MP3 file) (7 Oct. 2011)

A Public Fund Shared by Wisconsin's Two Medical Schools Is Getting Critical Attention Again (Shamane Mills, Wisconsin Public Radio, 30 Sep. 2011)

Dave Zweifel's Madison: Three honored at Community Shares' 40th anniversary fete (Dave Zweifel, The Capital Times, 29 Sep. 2011)

Busting BadgerCare rumors (Brian Moon, Wisconsin Radio Network, 13 Sep. 2011)

Health advocates push BadgerCare Plus program (WKOW, 12 Sep. 2011)

Study: Health Care Reform Means Fewer Uninsured In Wis. (, 24 Aug. 2011)

BadgerCare still open for business (, 19 Aug. 2011)

BadgerCare still open for children, familes, pregnant women (WTAQ, 19 Aug. 2011)

BadgerCare Plus enrollment open; Eligible people not taking advantage (Caroline Rowland, WFRV, 18 Aug. 2011)

Reverse-Robin Hooding recalls, attacks on local law enforcement, legislators who actually want a healthier Wisconsin (Emily Mills, Isthmus, 18 Aug. 2011)

Schultz joins Democrats in letter to Secretary Smith on federal health grants (Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups, 18 Aug. 2011)

State Legislators' Letter to Dennis Smith (Aug. 17, 2011)

BadgerCare not done, advocates say (Jon Swedien, Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, 11 Aug. 2011)

BadgerCare Plus tour stops in Eau Claire (WEAU, 9 Aug. 2011)

State agency defends passing up $9 million in grants (Greg Neumann, WKOW, 5 Aug. 2011)

State declines to request or back $9 million in health grants (Jason Stein, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3 Aug. 2011)

Recent changes weigh heavily on local hospitals' charity care numbers (David Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal, 31 Jul. 2011)

Madison clinic offers free primary care for uninsured (WKOW, 26 Jul. 2011)

On the Record with Bobby Peterson, Executive Director, ABC for Health (Wisconsin Health News, 1 Jul. 2011)

So long, safety net? (Joe Tarr, Isthmus, 26 May 2011)

Insurance commissioner moves to undo rule (Guy Boulton, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 18 May 2011)

Mandate for easy-to-read health insurance policies dumped (Guy Boulton, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7 May 2011)

Insurance companies use language of profit in policies (Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal, 30 Apr. 2011)

Some wary about Atlanta firm’s contract to give rides to Medicaid patients (David Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal, 28 Apr. 2011)

Insurance policy readability may not get better (David Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal, 22 Apr. 2011)

Insurance Commissioners Prepare for Health Care Policy Conflicts (Louis Jacobson,, 12 Apr. 2011)

Walker's health chief taking on shortfall (Guy Boulton, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 26 Mar. 2011)

ABC for Health files legal claim against Walker officials for terminating contract (Shawn Doherty, Capital Times, 25 Mar. 2011

Bobby Peterson won’t stop fighting for health rights of little guy (Shawn Doherty, Capital Times, 20 Mar. 2011)

State issues enrollment freeze, premium increase for BadgerCare Basic health coverage (David Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal, 18 Mar. 2011)

Vital Signs: State freezes enrollment, raises premiums, for health pool serving childless adults (Shawn Doherty, Capital Times, 18 Mar. 2011)

Wisconsin’s health-care fight illustrates challenges as states change leadership (Amy Goldstein, Washington Post, 18 Mar. 2011)

Medicaid programs also a casualty of last night's surprise vote, angry advocates say (Shawn Doherty, Capital Times, 10 Mar. 2011)

State official wants to keep Medicaid drug coverage, shift patients to managed care (David Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal, 9 Mar. 2011)

HealthWatch Wisconsin/ABC for Health: Legislative Panel (Wisconsin Eye, 8 Mar. 2011)

Medicaid and BadgerCare debate continues (Julia Fello, WKOW, 8 Mar. 2011)

Where's the beef? Advocates for people on Medicaid pan budget speech (Shawn Doherty, Capital Times, 2 Mar. 2011)

Walker warns Medicaid payments to nursing homes could be delayed if bill not passed (Shawn Doherty, Capital Times, 24 Feb. 2011)

Medicaid looms as next big budget battle (David Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal, 20 Feb. 2011)

Walker accepts $38M to create health care exchange (David Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal, 17 Feb. 2011)

Feds: Walker could use $37.7 million award for online consumer marketplace (Shawn Doherty, Capital Times, 16 Feb. 2011)

Insurance commissioner cancels consumer program, returns federal funds (Guy Boulton, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10 Feb. 2011)

New state insurance commissioner terminates $637K federal health care grant (David Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal, 10 Feb. 2011)

Jobless rate masks depth of labor woes (Justin Lahart, Wall Street Journal, 8 Jan. 2011)