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HealthWatch Membership Registration Now Open; A New HealthWatch Membership Year Begins Oct. 1!

updated 9/15/17

Watch: Welcome to HealthWatch Wisconsin!



Registration for the new HealthWatch Membership year is now here! Take advantage of state of the art communication, networking, and training designed to amplify efforts and empower those working to help connect Wisconsinites to health care and coverage.





The HealthWatch Wisconsin membership year runs October 1, 2017 - September 30, 2018.




We're excited to announce that HealthWatch membership includes: 


  1. Two FREE Live, in-person workshops 
  2. Comprehensive online video trainings 
  3. Publications, fact sheets, and resources
  4. Comprehensive newsletter and discussion of current events
  5. Substantial Discounts on the HealthWatch Annual Conference


Starting October 1, HealthWatch Wisconsin is becoming HealthWatch Wisconsin, Inc.!


We are excited to transition HealthWatch Wisconsin from a project of ABC for Health, Inc. to a non-profit, 501(c)3 subsidiary of ABC for Health. In its new arrangement, HealthWatch Wisconsin, Inc. will have a new Fiscal Year that begins October 1. What a great time to have new membership begin! As its own nonprofit, HealthWatch Wisconsin, Inc. will provide you with enhanced member benefits, including more frequent educational content.


Newsletter: Building a Better Future - 9.15.17

updated 9/15/17

New: 9/15 HWW Update Newsletter



HealthWatch Wisconsin has made our full Update Newsletter FREE for all readers through September! But now as summer concludes, and a new HealthWatch membership year emerges, you will need to renew your membership to continue membership and subscription benefits! This will be the last free update newsletter for non-members.


However, you can join HealthWatch Wisconsin below and retain access to the Update Newsletter until the end of September 2018, along with various other benefits--from two free workshops, to access on exclusive publications, fact sheets, and video content. Members also receive a substantial discount to our annual conference. The cost of a membership more than pays for itself.

What are you waiting for? Join or renew today!


Our Gift to You – Read this Update Newsletter in its Entirety for FREE!  




New: 9/15 HWW Update Newsletter




"ACA Impact Series" Now Available Online



New: The ACA Impact Series


As policymakers battle for the fate of the Affordable Care Act on Capitol Hill, individuals, families, and children find themselves caught in the crossfire. A campaign promise of President Trump, signed on Inauguration Day, sends an ominous signal about 'repeal'- but says little about 'replacement'.


New: The ACA Impact Series


Our new series on the Affordable Care Act's impact reviews many aspects of the important law. We encourage you to watch and learn about the broad impact of the ACA, and then share these videos with a friend!


The Affordable Care Act has given over 20 million people access to health care coverage! Now, high-risk pools and exclusion of coverage based on pre-existing conditions may return. Our series on the Affordable Care Act's impact is linked above--each brief video reviews the many aspects of the law. We encourage you to watch and learn about the broad impact of the ACA- and then share these videos!



Useful Resources for WI Families in 2017



Video: Intro to WI Coverage Connections


New in 2017 is the Useful Resources for Families Guide! Families eligible for BadgerCare Plus may also be eligible for programs included in this free handout, produced as part of the Wisconsin Coverage Connections Project.


Resource Guide: Free Download


This guide is hosted within our 3 Steps Library, along with training videos and other downloadable resources.


Goals of the Wisconsin Coverage Connections Project:


-Increase enrollment and retention in BadgerCare Plus for Wisconsin children and parents

-Increase effectiveness of outreach activities

-Improve access to health care coverage and services for the underserved

-Improve the health of our community


To learn more about this project, please click here



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