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HealthWatch Wisconsin Council


The HealthWatch Wisconsin Council is comprised of local, regional, and statewide public-health-related representatives. The council is the advisory committee for the HealthWatch Wisconsin organization and helps guide project activities.

Each year, the membership of HealthWatch Wisconsin elects a new class of public health professionals to serve a three-year term on the HealthWatch Council.

These leaders direct and amplify the powerful voice of the HealthWatch Wisconsin membership!


HWW Council Member Bobby Peterson presents an award at the 9th Annual Conference


Current Council Members


  • Michael Bare, Community Advocates Public Policy Institute
  • Dr. Bruce Barrett, UW Department of Family Medicine
    Georgia Fischer, Bridge Clinic
  • Carola Gaines, Unity Health Insurance
  • Susan Garcia Franz, Winnebago County Health Department
  • Julia Garvey, Partnership Community Health Education
  • Rebecca Nyberg, Brown County Health Department
  • Bobby Peterson, ABC for Health
  • Anne Plesh, St. Mary's Hospital
  • Frank Robinson, City of Milwaukee Health Department
    Josh Salazar, UW Hospitals and Clinics
  • Rhonda Stuart, Northern Health Centers
  • Maia Stitt, Coordinator for the Wisconsin Health Transition Hub


What is the HealthWatch Wisconsin Council?

The HealthWatch Wisconsin Council (HWWC) is comprised of faculty partner Dr. Bruce Barrett, Atty. Bobby Peterson the project director at ABC for Health, Inc., and local, regional, and statewide public-health-related representatives. The HWWC serves as the advisory committee for the HealthWatch Wisconsin Organization and will help guide the project's activities toward achieving our goals. The HWWC will foster the strong academic-community partnership vital to HWW and will help guide the project's transformation of the public health system through increased access to care and coverage for people in Wisconsin.


HealthWatch Wisconsin Council Standing Rules:

Click here for the latest version of the Standing Rules


How are Council members selected?

HealthWatch Wisconsin staff will solicit nominations for HealthWatch Wisconsin Council members from diverse backgrounds and public-health-oriented professions. The last opportunity to submit nominations will be at the Annual HealthWatch Wisconsin Conference. Conference participants and other HealthWatch Wisconsin members will cast ballots for that year's Council. The Council will select three individuals from within its membership to join the faculty partner and project director on the Council's Executive Committee.


What is the role of the Council?

The HWWC will provide leadership and advice to HealthWatch Wisconsin as we work to transform the public health landscape and increase access to care and coverage for people in Wisconsin through training, education, and collaborative partnerships.

The HWWC will monitor the timely and successful implementation of the work plan, discuss issues identified by local coalitions, advise HealthWatch Wisconsin staff on emerging topics and need for trainings and educational campaigns, and direct HealthWatch Wisconsin staff and consultants.


How frequently will the Council meet?

HealthWatch Wisconsin staff will convene a bi-annual meeting of Council members.


What is the role of the Council's Executive Committee?

HWWC Executive Committee members will meet monthly by phone; the Executive Committee's duty is to guide the HWWC. Executive Committee members will steer the HWWC and direct staff in planning and organizing HWWC meetings.

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