Advocacy & Benefits Counseling for Health, Inc. (ABC for Health), is a Wisconsin-based, nonprofit public interest law firm that promotes health equity and social justice. ABC for Health is dedicated to ensuring health care access for children and families. ABC for Health’s mission is to provide health care consumers with the services and support they need to navigate a complex health care financing system.

How to Contact ABC: Clients and client referrals can call our office: (608)261-6939, send us a fax: (608)261-6938, or email us:

NEW REPORT: ABC for Health has issued a new report in October 2022 titled "Medical Debt & Collections in Wisconsin: Restarting the Collections Machine." Some Wisconsin hospitals and specialty providers have resumed aggressive collections lawsuits after a pause during the COVID pandemic.

Report: ABC for Health issued a report titled "Medical Debt & Collections: A Better Way Forward for Wisconsin." In a sampling of medical debt collections actions in Wisconsin, where health systems sought over $10 million in judgements, patients were represented by an attorney in fewer than 1% of cases. Health systems were always represented. Click Here to read a copy of the Report. For more information on managing or avoiding medical debt, see ABC for Health’s Fighting Forward Guidebook.

Report: Medical debt collection actions and lawsuits against patients continued during the COVID-19 pandemic at several Wisconsin hospitals. These providers continued to sue patients for unpaid medical bills, despite efforts by state and federal officials to provide flexible eligibility for Medicaid, ACA Marketplace coverage, and certain COBRA requirements. Read the Report.

ABC for Health is a proud member agency of Community Shares of Wisconsin and a collaborating partner in the Civil Legal Aid Alliance of Wisconsin

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