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HealthCheck (EPSDT)

What is HealthCheck?

HealthCheck is Wisconsin's name for a federal Medicaid program feature called Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT). HealthCheck provides medical, vision, hearing and dental preventative care (screenings, “well-child checks”), treatment, and case management services for Medicaid-eligible children up to age 21. The program started in the 1960’s and expanded in 1989 to include access to all medically necessary service for children and youth. But the program is misunderstood and not well known or used by the people that need it the most.


What Are the Issues?

In Wisconsin, parents and family members of children receiving BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid lack awareness and access to legally required HealthCheck prevention and medical treatment services. Inadequate outreach and education for parents, providers, and advocates leads to poor child health screening and treatment referral rates for medical and dental services in Wisconsin as compared to other states.


How Can You Help?

ABC for Health, Inc., a nonprofit law firm in Madison, Wisconsin, partnered with other advocates to address knowledge and program barriers and promote education and outreach for stakeholders including families, providers, and advocates. We formed the HealthCheck Task Force (HCTF) to help promote and provide HealthCheck education and advocacy. Join the Task Force.


What You Need to Know

Overview | Families | Providers & Advocates


The Latest Publications

HealthCheck: Better Health for Wisconsin's Vulnerable Children (Kali Kramolis, 25 April 2019)


Robert A. Peterson Jr. and Kali A. Kramolis: Valuable Child Health Care Program is Flying Under the Radar (Cap Times, 11 February 2019)


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