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As a membership organization, HealthWatch Wisconsin works on important health care public policy issues and acts to focus and amplify statewide efforts and strategies to connect people to the health care and coverage they need and deserve. Promoting systemic, sustainable enrollment begins with educated, dedicated local public health professionals and advocates.


To this end, HealthWatch maintains a network of community-based HealthWatch coalitions across the state.


HealthWatch promotes emerging coalitions to increase access to and retention of health care coverage for Wisconsin's children and families. Local coalition development builds and strengthens relationships between members of the public health workforce, representatives from hospitals and clinics, parents and caretakers, Birth-to-3 coordinators, economic support workers, school nurses and counselors, advocates, employers, and members of the faith community. HealthWatch Wisconsin thrives on such local incubators for enrollment, benefits programs support, networking, and problem solving.


The statewide HealthWatch organization, through training, technical assistance, collaboration, and coordination, has attracted hundreds of dedicated members to promote access to health care coverage and services for Wisconsin's un- and under-insured populations. These dedicated members, equipped with great resources and access to issue-specific workshops and trainings, ensure that Wisconsin has a current and competent network of professionals connecting people to care and coverage, no matter the health care climate.


Existing Coalitions


Chippewa County HealthWatch

Dane County HealthWatch

Eau Claire County HealthWatch

Milwaukee HealthWatch

Pierce County

Polk County HealthWatch



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HealthWatch Wisconsin, Inc, a subsidiary of ABC for Health, promotes improved access to health care coverage and services. HealthWatch will continue to track and inform policy developments in a changing landscape of public and private insurance coverage options for the people of Wisconsin.

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