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Open Enrollment 2019 - Pulse Playlist
What is Open Enrollment?
Open Enrollment is here: It's time to purchase individual, private health insurance plans on HealthCare.gov. But enrollment is only open November 1 - December 15. Watch Brynne cover key dates, discounts, and tips.

Getting Ready for OE 2019
Get organized before you apply for health coverage during Open Enrollment 2019! This is the annual open enrollment period to buy health insurance - but it's only here for a short time. Brynne walks you through the steps to get ready.

Obamacare Mythbusting
With all the political chatter, people are a little confused about what's going on with Obamacare. In this video, we bust some myths.

Print: Consumer's Companion for 2019
Back by popular demand, our printable guide to Health Coverage! Learn about health insurance Marketplaces, BadgerCare Plus, and additional resources to help you understand health coverage and health reform.

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