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Open Enrollment 2018 Walkthrough

In this video, we show you how to apply for healthcare coverage on HealthCare.gov.


Consumer's Companion to Health Reform

The Consumer's Companion to Health Reform is your quick reference for rights and responsibilities under the federal health reform law (Affordable Care Act/ACA/Obamacare).

Learn more about health insurance Marketplaces, BadgerCare Plus, and additional resources to help you understand health coverage and health reform. Also be sure to download the FAQ sheet as well.

The Consumer's Companion is a publication of ABC for Health, Inc.



In three easy steps, you and your clients will be all set for Open Enrollment.


Step 1: Set a Reminder

Open Enrollment in the individual Marketplace runs November 1 - December 15. Schedule a reminder to visit HealthCare.gov before December 15!

Tip: Save this date and time in different places: on your phone as an alarm, on Facebook as an event with your family/friends, and on a physical calendar.


Step 2: Get Help!

Identify local resources and contacts to help with questions and troubleshoot problems. Navigator agencies will assist you with your Marketplace application—for free!

Tip: Try applying for the Marketplace together with your family members or trusted friend; this takes some of the intimidation out of applying. Keep a Navigator's contact info handy!


Step 3: Stay Organized!

Gather all important documents and information such as names, dates of birth, social security numbers, insurance carriers, a copy of last year's taxes, etc. of all members of your household: even if they are not applying for coverage.

Tip: The Marketplace application usually includes the tax fillers and their tax dependents. Having last year's taxes handy will help answer some income and household questions.



Calendar with Key Dates


Open Enrollment is tricky this year.

Between a shortened enrollment window and reoccurring maintenance on Sundays, these changes will throw a wrench in the enrollment plans of unsuspecting consumers.

We've created a printable calendar page full of key dates and times to keep an eye out for over the next couple months. 


Navigator Information

Navigator Agency



Covering Wisconsin



Northwest WI CEP, Inc.



Forest County Potawatomi Community




Dane County Residents - Get Help Paying for Premiums with HealthConnect

Dane County Residents - Get Help Paying for Premiums with HealthConnect
HealthConnect is a program that helps Dane County residents pay for health insurance premiums. In this video, we cover eligibility and how to apply.

HealthConnect es un programa que ayuda a los residentes del condado de Dane a pagar las primas del seguro médico. En este video, hablamos sobre la elegibilidad y cómo presentar una solicitud.

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