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Upcoming Meetings:

10:45-12pm -Mar. 12, 2019

10:45-12pm - May. 14, 2019

10:45-12pm - Sep. 10, 2019

10:45-12pm - Nov. 12, 2019

10:45-12pm - Jan. 14, 2020

10:45-12pm - Mar. 10, 2020

10:45-12pm - May 12, 2020

10:45-12pm - Jul. 14, 2020

10:45-12pm - Sep. 8, 2020

10:45-12pm - Nov. 10, 2020

What We Do…

Children with special health care needs and their families encounter many barriers in accessing and paying for health care. HealthWatch provides a forum to link parents and service providers to help identify and address these issues.


Goals & Objectives...

To ensure easy access to quality and consistent care for families with children with special health care needs. The coalition will develop a managed health advocacy program that will advocate for individual families with children with special health care needs.

The coalition’s basic strategies will be to:
• Engage families to become active to advocate for system change.
• Develop information and education to promote good standards of practice and necessary reforms.


Who Can Join…

ANYONE! There is no “membership” or fee required to attend the coalition meetings. However, we do encourage regular attendees to sign up for a membership or subscription to HealthWatch Wisconsin, the statewide organization, in order to leverage the coalition’s impact. You can do so here.


Coalition Meeting Guidelines...

• Make sure there is an agenda sent a week prior and have an appointed meeting leader.
• Silence and put away electronic devices.
• Start and end on time.
• Talk and act with respect toward others and appreciate different perspectives.
• Keep your statements brief, so all can participate.
• Do not interrupt others. Listening is usually better than talking. Attack issues not people.
• Stay on topic. No one or two people dominate.
• Agree on action items and assignments before leaving meeting.
• Distribute meeting notes within two weeks.

When & Where...


Chippewa County Courthouse, Room 119Q

711 Bridge St., Chippewa Falls, WI



Contact Rose Marsh, Chippewa County HealthWatch Coalition Chair, by email or call: 715.726.7908 x 2132.

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