Webinar: Surprise Medical Bills

In this virtual workshop, ABC for Health’s Legal Staff provide an overview of the major concepts related to surprise medical bills and implications for patients and bill payers. We’ll look at consumer rights & responsibilities and address the most common network and billing questions. We’ll share stories based upon our experience helping clients deal with unexpected emergency services, specialty care, or ambulance transport that created surprise medical bills. 

Air Date: 6/25/2019

Duration: 49min 8sec

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Webinar: Immigrant Healthcare Coverage Considerations

In this virtual workshop, experienced immigration attorneys and Health Benefits Counselors will share stories of immigrant families trying to connect to health care & coverage. Participants will review coverage eligibility rules--relevant for advocates and healthcare providers--for different immigrant or immigration situations. Immigration Attorney Steven Simerlein, a Wisconsin native, now practicing in Nashville, TN, joins the conversation to share his experiences representing immigrants in hearings and dealing with public charge rules and issues.

Air Date: 5/22/2019

Duration: 1hr 7min 11sec

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Membership for 2019 - 2020

Unlock access to exclusive member benefits, discounts on events, and support the mission of HealthWatch Wisconsin. HealthWatch Wisconsin, Inc. is an organization promoting access to health care coverage and services. HealthWatch develops state of the art communication and interactive training to assure a more capable, competent, and coordinated healthcare workforce. Together, we can empower statewide efforts to connect people to the health care coverage they need and deserve.

Date:10/1/19 - 9/1/2020

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Event: Conference Pre-Registration for 2020

Save some time by pre-registering for our HealthWatch Wisconsin Conference in 2020. Lock in your rate, save your seat, and have the piece of mind knowing you'll be ready to attend our conference in the Spring of 2020. Our conference is guaranteed to feature a legislative panel, policy experts, and agendcy leaders. Learn more about our conferences by watching our promotional video from last year's conference or visit our conference page.

Date: Spring 2020




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