Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you refurbishing the current mural or making a new one?
A: That's undecided! We're in the process of collecting community feedback. Send us your thoughts.

Q: Can I meet with ABC staff to discuss my mural proposal?
A: Unfortunately, we will not be available to set up separate meetings with interested artist in advance of our RFP deadline of December 15, 2019. Our primary mission is client services, and we presently cannot commit to meet/talk separately with interested artists. However, we will respond to appropriate questions on our webpage in a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, to ensure that everyone gets the same information.

Q: Do I have to be a Wisconsin resident to submit a proposal?
A: No! Everyone is welcome to submit a proposal.

Q: Will you be doing fundraising or grant writing to support the mural project?
A: Yes! We have already kicked off our fundraising campaign and our grant writing efforts to support this project. We look forward to hearing what each artist proposes for a budget and cost estimate. Once an artist(s) is selected, there may be opportunities for additional fundraising efforts! Please include a detailed budget with a proposal, should you submit one.