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Thousands could lose BadgerCare health coverage this year: How to prepare and what to know (Channel 3000, March 13, 2022)

Wisconsin Hospitals Unevenly Sue Patients Over Medical Debt, New Study Finds (WPR, January 10, 2022)

The most-watched 'Here & Now' interviews of 2021 (PBS Wisconsin, December 28, 2021)

PRESS RELEASE: Report - Despite COVID, Medical Debt Lawsuits Continue at Some Wisconsin Hospitals (ABC for Health, December 16, 2021)

ABC for Health will help you wade through the healthcare jungle (WORT 89.9 FM, December 15, 2021)

Grants aim to help organizations promote COVID-19 vaccine (WEAU NBC 13, December 10, 2021)

Rise in Uncompensated Medical Care Continues: Bad debt, charity care rose 3.8 percent for Wisconsin hospitals in 2020 (Wisconsin Public Radio, November 16, 2021)

PRESS RELEASE: Report - Uncompensated Care - and Inequities - Grow in Wisconsin (ABC for Health, November 15, 2021)

Medical debt collection harms patient finances, reports say (Wisconsin State Journal, July 4, 2021)

Wisconsin Health Systems File Thousands of Lawsuits: Johns Hopkins (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 21, 2021) (Subscription required)

PRESS RELEASE: Report: Patients Sued for Medical Debt Lack Legal Help (ABC for Health, June 9, 2021)
Read the Report: Medical Debt & Collections: A Better Way Forward for Wisconsin

Bill protects coverage for prior health conditions, but critics say it falls short (Wisconsin Examiner, April 14, 2021)

American Rescue Plan’s Impact on Affordable Care Act (PBS Wisconsin's Here & Now, March 19, 2021)

Walker administration’s BadgerCare work mandates blocked by Biden (Wisconsin Examiner, February 16, 2021) Special Sign-Up Period Starts Monday (WPR, February 15, 2021)

Federal health insurance marketplace reopens for three months (Wisconsin Examiner, February 15, 2021)

A Wisconsin hospital promised to stop suing most patients during the pandemic. Then it filed 200 lawsuits. (Wisconsin Watch, 21 December 2020)

Bobby Peterson: 2020 Wisconsin Lifetime Legal Innovator (WI State Bar, 17 December 2020)

Exploring Options for Healthcare and Medical Debt (WPR The Morning Show, 4 December 2020)

Report finds WI Hospital Charity Care, Bad Debt Rose Again in 2019 (Wisconsin Examiner, 30 November 2020)

PRESS RELEASE: Report: Nearly $90 Million Jump in 2019 Uncompensated Care in Wisconsin (ABC for Health, 18 November 2020)

Open Enrollment and COVID (WPR Central Time, 18 November 2020)

ABC for Health Helps Navigate Insurance Options (8 O'Clock Buzz, 18 November 2020)

Wisconsin Lawyer: Legal Innovation in 2020 (Wisconsin Lawyer, 13 November 2020)

Affordable Care Act Challenged in Court (PBS Wisconsin, 13 November 2020)

What Government Could Do Still to Combat COVID-19's Effects (Wisconsin Examiner, 26 October 2020)

Lack of Rural Lawyers Harms People's Health (Wisconsin Examiner, 31 August 2020)

How Uninsured Wisconsinites Dealing with COVID-19 (PBS Wisconsin, 17 July 2020)

New state portal aims to help consumers find health coverage (Wisconsin Examiner, 27 June 2020)

'WisCovered' helps state residents get health insurance (Sun Prairie Star, 23 June 2020)

Commissioner Afable Announce New Online Resource to Help Wisconsinites Get Health Insurance (Office of the Commissioner of Insurance | State of Wisconsin, 23 June 2020)

Dozens of Organizations...Voice Support for Safer at Home Extension (Office of the Governor | State of Wisconsin, 29 April 2020)

Coronavirus: Health Insurance During The Pandemic (Wisconsin Public Radio, 28 April 2020)

ABC for Health Shares Public Health Announcements on COVID-19 (Mediasite, 27 April 2020)

Wisconsin regulators warn debt collectors to back off during pandemic (Wisconsin Watch, 21 April 2020)

‘Wait until I call my mom’: Reprieve for some Wisconsinites who faced medical debt during pandemic (Wisconsin Watch, 21 April 2020)

New guide offers tips to deal with medical debt (Wisconsin Examiner, 7 April 2020)

PRESS RELEASE: ABC for Health Releases Fighting Forward: Challenging Medical Debt (ABC for Health, 7 April 2020)

Here are some options for health insurance that may cost you little or nothing if you just lost your job (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 26 March 2020)

HealthWatch WI Announces 2020 Visions & Decisions Conference in Madison (5 March, 2020

Surprise Medical Bills Upset Patients, Engage Lawmakers (Wisconsin State Journal, 19 January 2020)

Open Enrollment Begins for Wisconsin Health Care marketplace (Wisconsin Public Radio, 1 November 2019)

Medicare and the Alphabet Soup (Shepherd Express, 30 October 2019)

Purchasing Health Insurance in the Marketplace: Look Before You Leap (Shepherd Express, 23 October 2019)

Changes Could Come to Historic Mural in Downtown Madison (Channel 3000, 19 October 2019)

Nonprofit Welcomes Local Input for New Mifflin Street Mural (Daily Cardinal, 17 October 2019)

Mifflin Street Mural to Get New Design with Help of Public (Badger Herald, 16 October 2019)

Confused by Healthcare Choices? ABC for Health Can Help! (WORT, 16 October 2019)

Medicare for All! But Are All for Medicare? (Shepherd Express, 15 October 2019)

Longtime Mifflin Street Mural is About to Undergo a Change (Wisconsin State Journal, 15 October 2019)

PRESS RELEASE: ABC for Health Launches Mural Project (ABC for Health, 15 October 2019)

The Affordable Care Act: What's Left & What's Lost (Shepherd Express, 8 October 2019)

Wisconsinites Owe Billions in Unpaid Medical Bills (Wisconsin Public Television, 23 September 2019)

Bad Debt, Charity Care Rise in State's Hospitals (Wisconsin Examiner, 20 September 2019)

Unpaid Medical Bills Continue to Rise at Wisconsin Hospitals (Wisconsin Public Radio, 18 September 2019)

Wisconsin Hospitals Report Rising Charity Care & Bad Debt (WORT, 17 September 2019)

PRESS RELEASE: Medical Bad Debt and Charity Care Increase in Wisconsin (ABC for Health, 17 September 2019)

Bill Seeks Payments from Unwed Fathers (Urban Milwaukee, 11 September 2019)

Recovering Birth Costs from Men (Wisconsin Examiner, 11 September 2019)

Could Medicaid Expansion Get A Second Life? (Wisconsin Examiner, 24 July 2019)

Health care for all: ABC for Health marks 25 years of helping the poor get health care benefits (Isthmus, 11 July 2019)

UW-Madison Ordered To Release Records Tied To Public Health Grants (, 9 July 2019)

ABC For Health Helps People Navigate a Complicated Health Care System (Simpson Street Free Press, 6 July 2019)

Jessie Opoien: ABC for Health has been valuable advocate for the underserved (The Cap Times, 1 July 2019)

The Week in Photos (, 28 June 2019)

Madison Nonprofit Law Firm Celebrates 25 Years of Health Care Advocacy (Wisconsin State Journal, 21 June 2019)

Cap Times' Evjue Foundation Gives $1.8 Million to Area Nonprofits and UW-Madison (Cap Times, 5 June 2019)

End of Collecting Child Support Birth Costs Proposed in Evers Budget (Journal Times, 16 March 2019)

Medicaid Birth Cost Recovery: New Rules Affect Unmarried Parents (State Bar of Wisconsin, 12 March 2019)

HealthWatch Wisconsin Welcomes Change-Makers to Madison (HealthWatch Wisconsin, 5 March 2019)

HealthWatch Wisconsin Announces Annual Award Recipients (ABC for Health, 27 February 2019)

What's New [HealthCheck Op-Ed] (WI-LEND, 25 February 2019)

Report: Medicaid expansion proposal would cost Wisconsin $600 million a year (BizTimes Media Milwaukee, 25 February 2019)

New Report Adds Fuel to Medicaid Expansion Fight (Wisconsin Health News [Login Required], 20 February 2019)

Medicaid Expansion Study Divides Democrats, Republicans (AP News, 19 February 2019)

Advocacy Group: Wisconsin' Birth Cost Recovery Program 'A Move In The Wrong Direction' (WPR, 13 February 2019)

WisEye Morning Minute: Study Committee on Child Placement & Support - Birth Cost Recovery (LaCrosse Tribune, 13 February 2019)

A Birth Tax is Bad Policy for Wisconsin (ABC for Health, 11 February 2019)

Proposal to Roll Back Tax on Unmarried Pregnant Women Creates Controversy (Daily Cardinal, 11 February 2019)

Why Some Wisconsin Fathers Have to Pay Back Costs of Their Child's Birth to Medicaid (WPR, 11 February 2019)

Robert A. Peterson Jr. and Kali A. Kramolis: Valuable Child Health Care Program is Flying Under the Radar (Cap Times, 11 February 2019)

2019 Federal Poverty Level Change Increases Access to Health Coverage (ABC for Health, 23 January 2019)

ABC for Health Applauds Evers “Common Sense” Push for Medicaid Expansion (ABC for Health, 18 January 2019)

Republicans Offer Evers Deal on Income Tax Cut (Star Tribune, 17 January 2019)

Assembly Health Committee Drops the Ball on Preexisting Conditions (ABC for Health, 17 January 2019)

Doctors Tout Discount Cards For Drugs t oAbate High Costs of Prescriptions (WPR, 10 January 2019)

ABC for Health Lauds Gov. Evers Executive Orders on Consumer Protections & Healthy Communities (ABC for Health, 9 January 2019)

Read: ABC for Health's Federal Comments on “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” (ABC for Health, 7 December 2018)

Republican Pass Key Healthcare Changes In Extraordinary Session (WORT, 5 December 2018)

Lame Duck Legislature Seizes Power to Strip People of Health Coverage (ABC for Health, 5 December 2018)

Bills Would Impede Gov.-Elect Tony Evers' Changes to Health Care (Wisconsin State Journal, 4 December 2018)

Lame Duck Legislature Flies Backward on Preexisting Conditions Protections (ABC for Health, 3 December 2018)

ABC Unveils WisCare Proposal (Originally aired on WORT 89.9FM and streamed at, 16 October 2018)

"WisCare 2019" Unveiled by ABC for Health, Inc. (ABC for Health, 16 October 2018)

Hospital Uncompensated Care Surges 14% to $1.1 Billion in Wisconsin (Becker Hospital Review, 8 October 2018)

Wisconsin Hospitals See Unpaid Medical Bills Rise to $1B (Wisconsin State Journal, 6 October 2018)

Wisconsin Hospitals See Unpaid Medical Bills Rise to $1B (Channel 3000, 6 October 2018)

Unpaid Hospital Bills Surge to 1 Billion Dollars in Wisconsin (WTMJ-TV Milwaukee, 6 October 2018)

Wisconsin Hospitals See Unpaid Medical Bills Rise to $1 Billion (Green Bay Press Gazette, 6 October 2018)

Advocus Helps to Connect Patients to Care (Wisconsin Health News, 5 October 2018) - Login Required

Unpaid Medical Bills in Wisconsin Are Climbing Again After Decline (Wisconsin Public Radio, 1 October 2018)

Wisconsin Uncompensated Care Shoots Above $1 Billion, First Time Since 2014 (ABC for Health, 27 September 2018)

ABC for Health, Inc. Launches Advocus, a "Next Generation" Precision Patient Advocacy Tool to Reduce Health Disparities (ABC for Health, 24 September 2018)

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce to Create Health Plan Touted By Trump (WPR, 7 August 2018)

Journal Times Editorial: Favor Young Lives Over Dollars (Journal Times, 5 August 2018)

Wisconsin Wins Waiver for $200M Reinsurance Program (HealthLeaders, 31 July 2018)

State Pares Birth-Cost Collection from Men, but Group Says State Should End the Practice (Lacrosse Tribune, 24 July 2018)

June 2018 Backyard Heroes (Madison Commons, 15 June 2018)

Press Release: ABC for Health Submits Comments, Concerns on WI Reinsurance Plan to Feds (ABC for Health, 8 June 2018)

Read: ABC for Health's Federal Comments on Wisconsin's Section 1332 Waiver (ABC for Health, 7 June 2018)

Trump Admin's Decision Looms on Wisconsin's Bid for Medicaid Drug Tests (Talking Points Memo, 7 June 2018)

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders (page 6) & Access to Health Care for Low-income Residents (page 12) (Wisconsin Law Foundation, Spring 2018)

Walker Submits Reinsurance Waiver, Anticipates Approval (Wisconsin Health News, 19 April 2018) - Login Required

Read: ABC for Health's State Comments on Wisconsin's Sec. 1332 Waiver (ABC for Health, 13 April 2018)

Proposed Work Requirements Could Add Uncertainties to Wisconsin's Medicaid Program (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 28 March 2018)

HealthWatch Wisconsin Conference: Gubernatorial Form (Wisconsin Eye, 8 March 2018)

Democratic Governor Candidates Debate Health Care (Wisconsin State Journal, 8 March 20181)

Editorial: Give to Local Nonprofits Today Through The Big Share ( Cap Times, 6 March 2018)

Birth Cost Recovery: It's Not Child Support (Shephard Express, 27 Februrary 2018)

Walker Proposes Tough Wisconsin Welfare Overhaul Package (ABC News, 18 January 2018)

Trump Work Requirement Rewrites Health Care Rules for Poor in Wisconsin... (Wisconsin State Journal, 11 January 2018)

Read: ABC for Health's Letter to CMS on Work Requirements in Medicaid (ABC for Health, 11 January 2018)

Student Julia Walsh Named a 'Backyard Hero' (University of Wisconsin Law School, 11 January 2018)

League of Women Voters Offers ACA Forum (Sun Prairie Star, 3 January 2018)

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