ABC in the News - 2017

What to Know About The Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period (WORT, 31 October 2017)

Open Enrollment Begins Tomorrow Amid Political Fight Over ACA (WPR, 31 October 2017)

ACA Defunding Moves Put Health Care Cost Controls In Doubt (WisContext, 19 October 2017)

PRESS RELEASE: ABC for Health Submits Comments to Feds on WI Demonstration Waiver (ABC for Health, 10 July 2017)

Read: ABC for Health's Federal Comments on Wisconsin's Sec. 1115 Waiver (ABC for Health, 10 July 2017)

Lawmakers Consider BadgerCare As Public Option (WI Public Radio "Central Time," 6 June 2017)

Health Care Expert: Why Repealing Obamacare is a Bad Idea (Wisconsin Public Television, 30 June 2017)

AP Exclusive: Records Show Scant Support for Walker's Plan (Beaumont Enterprise, 20 June 2017)

PRESS RELEASE: ABC for Health Submits Comment on WI Demonstration Waiver (ABC for Health, 18 May 2017)

Read: ABC for Health's Comments on Wisconsin's Sec. 1115 Waiver (ABC for Health, 12 May 2017)

OPINION: The Return to the Bad Old Days of HIRSP (ABC for Health, 18 May 2017)

Walker Would Consider Waiver to Raise Pre-Existing Premiums (Channel 3000, 8 May 2017)

Medicaid Matters to Wisconsin (USA Today, 6 May 2017)

Sonic Foundry Announces Entreprise Video Awards Winners at Mediasite User Conference (Sonic Foundry, 1 May 2017)

ABC for Health Points to Wisconsin Policy as Contributing Factor to Infant Mortality (The Cap Times, 10 April 2017)

Bobby Peterson: Trying to Recover Birthing Cost May Harm Babies (Wisconsin State Journal, 7 April 2017)

Open Letter on Birth Cost Recovery (27 March 2017)

Consumer Advocates Blast the Latest Changes to ACA Repeal Bill (Wisconsin Council on Children & Families, 24 March 2017)

Wisconsin Health Care Providers, Experts 'Uncertain' About New Health Care Proposal (Channel 3000, 24 March 2017)

Wisconsin Policy Makers, Advocates Discuss Health Care (U.S. News, 24 March 2017)

Wisconsin Democrat: People 'Terrified' of Health Care Bill (Daily Reporter, 23 March 2017)

Wisconsin Hospital Association Blasts Bill (WQOW, 23 March 2017)

CBO Estimates on GOP Health Care Plan Prompt Variety of Concerns for Wisconsin (WKOW, 14 March 2017)

PRESS RELEASE: Repeal and Replace Plans Bad for Patients, Providers (ABC for Health & HealthWatch Wisconsin, 13 March 2017)

Gov. Walker Calls Health Bill 'A Good First Step,' Vos Splits with Conservatives Who Say It's Obamacare Lite (Fox6Now, 7 March 2017)

Walker Signals More Work Needs to Be Done on Health Overhaul (U.S. News, 7 March 2017)

Wisconsin Health Advocate Says Bill Pretty Bad (U.S. News, 7 March 2017)

PRESS RELEASE: Proposed Repeal of the Affordable Care Act Affects Everyone (HealthWatch WI, 30 January 2017)

Changes to Wisconsin's Medicaid Program Could be Wide-Reaching (Wisconsin State Journal, 30 January 2017)

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